This blog is about learning and teaching in university engineering schools and departments.

Over the years  I have provided support and advice to academic colleagues who are new, and sometimes not so new, to teaching. I am hoping that this blog will make this information readily accessible to academic colleagues working in other engineering schools as well.

As an academic I also routinely advise current and prospective students on academic issues. My hope is that through this blog I will also reach out beyond my institution to other engineering students world-wide.

I am also keen to hear from academic colleagues and students on any aspect of engineering learning and teaching, including any issues of interest  that I may not have covered in this blog. Please feel free to email me at a.nyamapfene (at) ucl.ac.uk


Whilst this site draws  mainly from my current academic practice at University College London, the content and opinions expressed here are solely my own, and in no way purport to represent the official viewpoint of University College London.