Who is Abel Nyamapfene?


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Some say that your first degree helps to define who you are. Assuming that this is correct, then I am an Electrical Engineer who is currently teaching in Higher Education. In my formative years I was a telecommunications specialist with responsibilities for installing and maintaining analogue, electromechanical telecommunication systems. My role was to keep the systems going, even when 95% of the equipment was past its service life – a good example of integrating Rhodesian sanctions-busting ingenuity and Zimbabwean “keep-it-going” Engineering logic.  In this role, I became an expert at substituting worn-out electromechanical systems with nifty analogue and digital electronics.

Then in the late 1990’s the academic bug caught me. I am passionate about Engineering, and I find fulfilment in enthusing, challenging and inspiring the next generation of Engineers. Am I an academic? Most likely an Engineer-Academic, and not just an academic. I have an appropriate PhD, am excited about blue sky research, enjoy the lunch time seminars with other colleagues where we argue to significant detail about the latest findings in electronics and computing, but the practitioner in me never dies. So in my latter years I have become an Engineer on a new mission, and that mission is to diligently explore and uncover the most effective methods for improving Engineering Education.

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