Not just Another Brick in the Wall – The Importance of Building Personal Connections with Students

A blog for the times. Learning should not just be about dispensing content to students. Learning is about making personal connections with students and creating an environment where both academics and students share in the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

the academic teacher

When I first started writing this blog I chose to illustrate each post with a cartoon. The cartoon on my home page shows the ‘classic’ view of university teaching; the Academic Teacher at the board, presenting facts to a sea of faceless students. I have written before on the role of lectures in Higher Education teaching from an educational perspective, highlighting their flaws and the need for more active approaches to learning. However, perhaps the more damaging aspect of this image of education is the reduction of this diverse cohort of students to a homogeneous mass. In doing so it becomes easy to assume their needs are identical and to loose any sense of the individuals involved.

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